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    RiseAngle Team

    Kaveh Vahdat

    Kaveh is the founder and CEO of RiseAngle, Inc. Kaveh is an avid gamer and when it comes to business, a jack of all trades, working on all aspects of RiseAngle’s business, from growth and marketing to game design and creatives. Kaveh has 15+ years of business experience and a track record of success prior to founding RiseAngle, including the founding CMO of Cozymeal, the leading cooking classes marketplace in the US, and founder of RAS Games that was acquired in 2008.

    Cody Steen

    Cody has been the tech lead of RiseAngle, Inc., and the lead developer of the World of Mazes game series in the past few years. He has been involved in various aspects of tech and creative development for RiseAngle. He has 7+ years of game development experience and has developed and published many games for various platforms.

    Milan Sadariya

    Milan is a game developer who has been working on the World of Mazes game series and other RiseAngle games in the past few years. As with Kaveh and Cody, he has been working on various aspects of tech and creatives for RiseAngle, and currently supervises a team of artists working on various art projects for RiseAngle.
    50+ Amazing People
    More than 50 amazing 2D & 3D artists, game designers, sound designers, game developers, blockchain developers, game testers, data analysts, community managers, promoters, and marketing experts have worked on various aspects of RiseAngle business, NFTs, and games on an as-needed basis.

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